Friday, 21 September 2012

Waverly Oak Furniture Now in Stock

The Waverly Oak Range consists of 57 pieces of Solid Oak Furniture. New Stock has just arrived at the Castle Trading Estate, Portchester.

Click for larger image - Waverly Large Sideboard   CN1400:  The Waverly Range is Made from Solid Oak

As this range consists of many small occasional pieces we are now holding good stocks so that you can simply make your selection and take the items away with you or arrange immediate delivery.

Waverly Medium DVD/CD Storage Rack CR1160                          Waverly Plant Stand PS710


Waverly Magazine Rack MR400                        Waverly Nest of Tables NT520


Above are just a few examples of the Waverly Oak range that are in stock and available immediately from Homewood Interiors if you need furniture in a hurry then this weekend you should get down to our showrooms on the Castle Trading Estate as new stocks have just arrived.

Please see our Waverly Oak Furniture Price List :

WaverlyBC1000A Waverly Narrow bookcase with 2 shelves249.00
WaverlyBC1500A Waverly Narrow bookcase with 3 shelves329.00
WaverlyBC1900A Waverly Narrow bookcase with 4 shelves389.00
WaverlyBC380 Bathroom Cabinet Single55.00
WaverlyBC600 Bathroom Cabinet Double95.00
WaverlyBrushed Metal Handles9.00
WaverlyCB1000 Waverly Medium cupboard with 2 doors269.00
WaverlyCB1150 Waverly Small narrow cupboard with 2 doors199.00
WaverlyCB1500 Waverly Tall cupboard with 2 doors369.00
WaverlyCB3 Tower Cabinet Open Top129.00
WaverlyCE580 3 Drawer Bedside chest139.00
WaverlyCE740 2+3 Drawer Chest319.00
WaverlyCM1500 Waverly Cheval mirror bevelled119.00
WaverlyCN1400 Waverly Sideboard Large 2 door 4 drawers499.00
WaverlyCR1160 Waverly CD/DVD Rack 5 open89.00
WaverlyCR1378 Waverly CD/DVD Rack 6 open95.00
WaverlyCR942 Waverly CD/DVD Rack 4 open69.00
WaverlyCST450 Telephone Table49.00
WaverlyCT450 Waverly Coffee table 1'6 X 1'679.00
WaverlyCT600 Waverly Coffee table 2ft X 2ft99.00
WaverlyCT900 Waverly Coffee table 3ft X 2ft139.00
WaverlyCVU1040 Waverly TV Corner unit329.00
WaverlyDB960 Waverly Sideboard Small 2 door 2 drawer349.00
WaverlyDH1 3ft Oak Headboard99.00
WaverlyDH2 4ft 6 Oak Headboard119.00
WaverlyDH3 5ft Oak Headboard139.00
WaverlyDT1200 Dining Table 120x75cm259.00
WaverlyDT1400 Dining Table 140x75cm269.00
WaverlyDT1650 Dining Table 165x75cm339.00
WaverlyDT750 Dining Table 75x75cm199.00
WaverlyDVD1000 CD/DVD Storage System 55x26x8''189.00
WaverlyFT400 Flower/Lamp Table139.00
WaverlyLC1 Leather Cube 1 Single89.00
WaverlyLC1128R Tan (only) Rollback Leather Chair w/H section119.00
WaverlyLC1193 Rollback Leather Chair119.00
WaverlyLC2 Leather Cube 2 Double159.00
WaverlyLCD Low Corner Unti with Door219.00
WaverlyLTVS Long TV Stand219.00
WaverlyMR400 Magazine Rack49.00
WaverlyNT520 Nest129.00
WaverlyPS710 Plant Stand 15" dia79.00
WaverlySB Waverley Small Bookcase129.00
WaverlySCU580 Waverly Cupboard with single door219.00
WaverlySM610 Sofa Mate Table49.00
WaverlySSB Compact Sideboard269.00
WaverlySTVS Small TV Stand179.00
WaverlyTS1040 Waverly TV Cabinet with 1 door319.00
WaverlyTS1385 Waverly TV Cabinet with 2 door399.00
WaverlyWD1830 Wardrobe (all hanging)419.00
WaverlyWM1080 Waverly Mirror bevelled 1080 X 78079.00
WaverlyWM1180 Waverly Mirror bevelled 1180 X 88079.00
WaverlyWM1380N Waverly Mirror bevelled 1380 X 48069.00
WaverlyWM1380W Waverly Mirror bevelled 1380 X 68079.00
WaverlyWM680 Waverly Mirror bevelled 680 X 58049.00
WaverlyWM930 Waverly Mirror bevelled 930 X 68069.00
WaverlyWS1065 4 Tier Corner Unit89.00

Waverly Oak Furniture Now in Stock at Homewood Interiors call us on 02392 378176


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