Friday, 21 September 2012

Julian Bowen Minuet Bedroom Furniture

Julian Bowen Minuet Bedroom Furniture displays have arrived at Homewood Interiors

Click for larger image - JB-Minuet Bedroom Range : In rich Wenge  finish

Julian Bowen Minuet Bedroom Furniture

The Minuet Range In Rich Wenge Finish is the perfect bedroom range for all of you who are looking for dark wood furniture for the bedroom. This range is typical of Julian Bowens quality all drawers are on runners and are manufactured to the highest standards.

Minuet 3 Door Wardrobe              Minuet 6 Drawer Chest or Dresser


Minuet 2 drawer Bedside                     Minuet 3 Drawer Bedside


Minuet 5 Drawer Chest                       Minuet 7 drawer chest or Tallboy


Minuet 2 Door Wardrobe                     Minuet 46ft Bed & 5ft Bed

So to see the Minuet Range in the flesh just take a trip to Homewood Interiors Showrooms on the Castle Trading Estate in Portchester our friendly staff will be please to show you all the products available in the Minuet Range.

Product RangeProduct CodeProductPrice
Julian BowenMinuet 2 Door Wardrobe - All Hanging369.00
Julian BowenMinuet 2 Drawer Bedside89.00
Julian BowenMinuet 3 Door Wardrobe - Fitted549.00
Julian BowenMinuet 3 Drawer Bedside99.00
Julian BowenMinuet 5 Drawer Chest249.00
Julian BowenMinuet 6 Drawer Dresser279.00
Julian BowenMinuet 7 Drawer Chest229.00
Julian BowenMinuet Bed 135cm Bed269.00
Julian BowenMinuet Bed 150cm Bed279.00
Julian BowenMinuet Dressing Stool59.00
Julian BowenMinuet Triple Mirror59.00
Julian BowenMinuet Twin Pedestal Dressing Table269.00
Julian BowenMinuet Wall Mirror69.00  Where beautiful furniture cost's less.....

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