Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Last Minute Dining Set for Christmas

Last Minute Dining Set for Christmas
Just found out that they are all coming to you this Christmas ? Are you wondering where they are all going to sit ? What about the old table will it take another year of be pulled arround the dining room danced on or generally taking the brunt of being the centre peice of your Christmas party ? Worried that you may have left it too late ? Begining to wish you had made that order for a that new dining set ? Have no fear Homewood is here !!

We have put 40 dining sets into our warehouse so that you can have a brand new Solid Oak Dining Set in time for Christmas and even better than that they are at an all time low price ! We will even take your old table away and recycle it free of charge. So relax this is one less thing to worry about just visit Dining Set for Christmas for a 48 hour delivery or call us on 02392 378176 to place your order. Yau can also visit Our Showroom. 

Homewood Interiors  where beautifull furniture cost's less....

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